Mindful Revamp Workshops

Arts and mindfulness based mental wellness

Though undeniably uncomfortable at times, I find it of utmost importance that we take the opportunity to make meaning of our lives; particularly the most difficult aspects of our lives.  We, as humans, are bound to encounter suffering; and still, I hold absolute hope that all of our suffering provides opportunity to grow wiser and to grow more deeply connected with the self. 

When we begin to know ourselves that deeply, and when we recognize that the truest form of the self lives only in the present moment... we are freed to live life peacefully. 

With gratitude, Gabrielle 
In the following videos, learn about how mindfulness is the answer to inner peace.  Mindfulness, the innate ability we all possess, can enable us all to respond more peacefully and authentically to the challenging situations we encounter.  When we practice, regularly, the skill of becoming present with our senses, thoughts and emotions, we become more deeply connected to the joys in life.  Mindfulness is simply the act of observation; observation with non-judgement and acceptance for both the subtle and obvious experiences that surround us and run through us. 

Has your intuition been calling you to sink into your body?  Have you been feeling drawn to the idea of having a slow and peaceful morning?  Well then, join me in this video for a mindful latte; where we will slowly, intentionally and mindfully prepare a warm cozy beverage together.  
If you want to try this cacao latte, one of my favorite self love beverages... follow this recipe! 

1.5 cups of oat milk
1-1.5tbsp of cacao powder 
1 tbsp of dark chocolate chips 
1/8 tsp of nutmeg
1/8 tsp of ground cloves
1/8 tsp of cinnamon 
a drizzle of honey or any other sweetener 
Mindful Revamp Workshops