Twelve Weeks of Wellness
Twelve Weeks of Wellness;

an arts and mindfulness based mental wellness program 

If you are a human, you will experience emotional pain. I promise. It's inevitable. And yet, that pain and suffering can become something beautiful and powerful as you make meaning of your experience.

Twelve Weeks of Wellness is a mental wellness program that teaches mental health theory and other in depth topics related to mental health in order to EMPOWER the participant's personal journey. Each workshop offers the opportunity to gain knowledge, and also to gain inner wisdom through creative processing of the emotions that arise in response.

When you learn what's behind the clinical work therapists do, you'll begin to demystify the healing process for yourself. And with guided mindfulness woven in and out of every workshop, you'll gain knowledge and you'll experience your self from the most absolute present state of being.

Each workshop provides 50-75 minutes of opportunity to deeply understand mental health theory through simplistic and practical explanation, opportunity to gain peace through presence, and opportunity to heal the inner child through art, breath and movement.

The first three workshops of this program can be accessed for absolutely free.  

Now Offering:
Artistic Processing Coaching Package

Each week, coaching clients receive an email (on the day of their choice) containing the following items: 

Weekly Arts and Mindfulness Based Mental Wellness Workshop (12 total, 50-75 minutes each)

Five Guided Mindfulness Recordings Per Week (60 total, 3-5 minutes each)

Personalized Pep Talk Video (weekly, approx. 3-5 minutes each)

Weekly Journal Prompts (3-5 per week)

(Workshops 1-3 will be re-recorded in order to offer new content, altered guided mindfulness and additional educational information)

Pricing: $1440 paid in full 

$375 paid in 4 instalments

email in order to set up a consultation or in order to purchase your coaching package. 

This is officially your safe space!! Make it even safer by setting yourself up in a comfortable area, limiting distractions, holding a security blanket or stuffed animal, preparing a cup of cozy tea or a glass of ice water.  Warm yourself up or cool yourself down as you prepare to go on this mindful journey... 

with gratitude, Gabrielle

Workshop #1- About Arts and Mindfulness: Learn about the importance of mindfulness in healing damaged neural pathways, and as a tool for growing a stronger and more effective manner of responding to stressful situations. Learn about and practice here-and-now artistic processing (explore ideas related to non-linear processing as methods for healing from trauma and complex stress). Begin to consider how you might incorporate mindfulness and creative processing into your daily life in order to improve your own emotional experience as well as personal and professional relationships.



Workshop #2- Psychodynamic Theory and Meaning Making: Learn about the roots of the mental health theory that considers early childhood events a great influence in emotional and relational development. Explore early concepts under psychoanalysis, and begin to consider how you might unveil unconscious mental processes in order to take greater control over your mental functioning. Engage in guided artistic processing as you process your reaction to mental health education presented during this meaning making workshop. Leave this workshop knowing that you are fully free to make meaning of your life experiences in the way you choose to. 


Workshop #3- Affirmation Development: Utilize this next arts and mindfulness based workshop to identify the unconscious thinking patterns that create difficulty in your every day life; whether in your work life, romantic life, interactions with children, or internal mental experience. Practice identifying new ways of making meaning, and learn how to create personally developed affirmations. These personally developed affirmations will hold a certain strength and value unlike any affirmation someone could write for another individual. Get to know yourself on the deepest levels in this workshop as your further set the foundation for self growth. 


Workshop #4- Attachment Theory: During this powerful workshop, learn about how your patterns of relating to your closest of people stem from your earliest of experiences. Uncover your own attachment style through increased knowledge of the various attachment patterns, as well as through guided mindful experience as your observe your mental and emotional process in response to presented material. This workshop will allow you to look inward for healing as opposed to relying on outside forces to improve your life.

Workshop #5- Personal Trust and Visualization: Grow your ability to look inward for healing, power, reassurance, validation and love as your learn to trust yourself more deeply through creative ventures. Practice visualization through guided experience with your facilitator, and practice various guided artistic activities in order to connect with your present strengths and capabilities. Utilize the prompted and guided activities to connect with your inner child as you identify the incredible ways in which you have grown over your lifetime. You will be amazed at what you uncover and discover during this workshop.

Workshop #6- Cognitive Behavior Theory and Thought Stopping: Learn about the post popular mental health theory being utilized in clinical settings during these modern times. Utilize mindfulness as a skill for closely observing thought processes and resulting emotions and behaviors as you consider ways of alternating your entire experience. Learn about and practice use of creative thought stopping tools, and begin to experience the emotional power in personally creating counter thoughts to manage anxious and depressive thinking. Step away from this workshop understanding your mental power and control more deeply than ever before.

Workshop #7- Eriskon and the Wounded Stage: Dive into Erikson's eight developmental stages over the life time, and learn about each and every associated virtue. Learn about and consider how certain life stressors or traumas might have impacted your own ability to navigate certain stages of your life. Through this mental health education opportunity, you will begin to recognize how certain milestones in your life were impacted by stress or trauma. Additionally, you will receive experiential opportunity to practice mindfulness and to creatively process your response to the material. Take control of your development through creative processing.

Workshop #8- Empathy and Accountability: Sink into this unique workshop, during which your facilitator will take you on a journey into the minds of young traumatized children, as well as traumatized communities. Learn about the science behind empathy, as well as the theoretical concepts that highlight accountability as an imperative element in healing from trauma within a relationship or within a community. Learn about various systems; on the smallest level being the individual and to the larger level, being a society. And of course, continue to experience your own guided mindfulness and artistic processing as you most deeply understand yourself.

Workshop #9- Unique, Creative Mediation: During this workshop, you will be invited to freely consider how you might creatively develop personal meditations that work for you. Rather than feeling pressured to ascribe to a certain way of being or meditating, you will be encouraged to consider what your body intuitively desires, as well as how you can mindfully observe and respond to those needs. Glide away from this workshop feeling like your wisest, most intuitive and most creative self as you prepare to implement your own unique practice.

Workshop #10- Self Care During Tough Times: It's simple to remember to do the things that feel good when we already feel good. How about when times are especially tough? This workshop is a beautiful reminder that self care is something that requires attention, especially when times are tough. Learn about various ways of attending to self care in order to make it realistic and valuable. Review, through creative and mindful practice, what self care has looked life in your life, as well as what you want it to look life going forward. Life is the canvas, you are the artist. (recorded workshop coming soon)

Workshop #11- Breath and Movement: As you will have learned well by this point, it's important to consider non-linear modes for processing emotional pain and discomfort; it will be helpful to consider de-intellectualizing processing in order to more freely feel and heal. This is why, during this workshop, you will have an opportunity to move your entire body (if you so choose) freely and fully as you process your emotional experience. (recorded workshop coming soon)

Workshop #12- Keeping it All: Last but not least, this workshop is all about personal maintenance. Now that you have learned and absorbed so much mental health theory, mindful practice and creative processing, you will need to maintain your daily practice in order to maintain your growth. Be. So. Proud. By the time you've gotten here, to workshop number twelve, you will have already grown immensely. And there will be so much more growth to come.
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